African Fat Flusher Review – Facts


African Fat Flusher (WTFU Fat Flusher Diet) - Summary

Ingredients Quality

We have checked the ingredients mentioned in the label and inside the supplement. The Label accuracy is 100%. The supplement contains 100% Natural Ingredients.

Duration for Result

After analyzing different customer reviews, user have to take the supplement for minimum 90 to 180 days (According to the body type) to get desired results


The cost of African Fat Flusher one month supply is $89. But, the supplement is now available for $69/ 1 Month bottle. If you're buying 6 Bottle, you will get it for $46.6/ Bottle

Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

The African Fat Flusher is manufactured by Wake The Fork Up™ in an FDA Approved, GMP Certified lab facility located in United States Of America. The best part about these pills is that they have no side effects, and any person from any age group can intake these pills. The only requirement to take these pills is that you should have a burning desire to lessen your bulging belly fat. Customer reviews are very impressive and the Resurge is becoming popular day by day. The company also offers a 60-Day money back guarantee if it isn't showing any changes on your body. However, for a better and desired result, you have to take it at-least 90 days. 

Dr. Shin Fen Chow

Dr. Shin Fen Chow

This Review is written under the guidance of Dr. Shin Fen Chow

Dr. Shin Fen Chow is an American Board of internal medicine certified doctor and a dedicated and diligent internist serving the community of West Orange. Dr. Chow obtained her medical degree from the University of Columbia and then completed her residency in internal medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. She is a part of BHMG- centre for Asian health and received many awards and scholarships like Dr. Charles F. Hamilton award in pulmonary medicine and Mead university scholarship from Columbia University in 1991 and 1987 respectively.

What is African Fat Flusher?

African Fat Flusher is an amazing product that helps you to reduce stubborn fat accumulated in your body. It is an effective fat burning supplement that is now available in the market that enhances your overall activities too. Moreover, it has 100% natural ingredients that are beneficial in its own way. If you are worried that how does this product helps you to get rid of fat or is it harmful in any way, then don’t worry. This African Fat Flusher review reveals all the pros and small faults here. So you will get more in-depth knowledge about the product.


No matter how many African Fat Flusher reviews, you go through, everywhere you will find that the fat flush diet supplement has several advantages associated with itself. Some of them are:

  • It works effectively to cleanse your body from the several sorts of toxins that can or may enter. That is, fat flusher diet pills will provide you protection against them.
  • It assists you to protect your body from any internal disruption or even further periods of damage. Other than consuming this supplement, the users are also recommended to eat a low carbohydrate and restricted-calorie diet as it also uses the potency of its formula to flush away all the harmful chemicals as well as toxins present in a person’s body. Hence, with the help of this supplement and a bit of dietary change, users can easily get their ideal weight that too without spending countless hours working out excessively.
  • In comparison to other similar products available out there in the market, this supplement is not that expensive.
  • Since it is made up of reliable ingredients, this one is safe too.

How safe is African Fat Flusher?

African Fat Flusher supplement is very safe while considering other weight loss supplements available in the market. Because all the ingredients are herbs and natural plant extracts. Chemicals and other toxic products are not included in this supplement. Whereas no-equipment exercises are required with the supplement as well. Also, the formula is found by Dr. Gary Watson from WTFU (Wake The Fork Up) and manufactured in a sterile environment hence GMP and FDA certified as well. So it's quite safe to use these pills regularly.

Pros & Cons of African Fat Flusher

Checkout the Pros and Cons of WTFU African Fat Flusher Supplement


  • Starting from its ingredients, they are natural and effective.
  • Unlike other dietary supplements for weight loss, it not only focuses on cutting the belly fat, but it also prevents it from accumulating again.
  • Manufactured in America, and it is also FDA certified, so nothing to worry about before taking these pills.


  • Not suitable for children and pregnant ladies.
  • The supplement is only available online, so no offline stores would have it.

Price & Bonus

African Fat Flusher is Now Available in a new name and new bottle. Both the products are same. Don't get confused!

  • 1 Bottle - $69
  • 3 Bottles - $159 ($53/Bottle)
  • 6 Bottles - $279 ($46.5/Bottle)


Finally, coming to my verdict over the Pills. First of all, if you still are confused about is African Fat Flusher legit, then I hope your confusion will be cleared after reading this African Fat Flusher review. The best part about these pills is that they have no side effects, and any person from any age group can intake these pills. The only requirement to take these pills is that you should have a burning desire to lessen your bulging belly fat.

Other than that, an eye-popping discount and bonus offers are available on buying supplements now, so do not miss these offers and place your order now. Well, even after using, if you do not get the results, you do not need to worry, you can get a refund by returning the product in just 60 days. Hence, it would help to get a slim figure for you.

  • Dosage: 1 Pills per Day ( Better take 1 Pill after meal)
  • Servings/Bottle : 30 Capsules

Recommended for everyone above the age 18. But, If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using Resurge deep sleep pills. Result may vary.