Most Effective Consumer Recommended Weight Loss Programs In The US

Are you trying to reduce your extra pounds? Weight loss starts in your kitchen and not in the gym. Eating a lot of food items including a large number of fats and then doing exercises doesn’t reduce your weight.

Most Effective Consumer Recommended Weight Loss Programs In The US

Around 80 percent of the weight loss is done by a proper nutritional diet. Only 10 percent is done through exercises. Here are the most effective consumer recommended weight loss programs in the US. 


Most Effective Consumer Recommended Weight Loss Programs In The US

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular, highly recommended and effective weight loss programs existing in the US. The most important feature of the Mediterranean diet is that it blends the basics of healthy eating with the traditional flavors and cooking methods of the Mediterranean. Studies found that the Mediterranean diet is associated with reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease. This diet mostly focuses on plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. The general guidelines of the diet program recommend to include the following food items.

  • Varieties of fruits, vegetables
  • Healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and olive oil
  • Whole grains
  • Dairy products in moderate amount
  • Fish in moderate amount
  • A very small amount of red meat
  • Eggs 

Avoid the below-given food while following the Mediterranean diet. 

  • Refined grains and white flour dough-like white bread, pasta, etc.
  • Foods that contain added sugars 
  • Reined oils like canola oil and soybean oil
  • Processed food products
  • Hot dogs and other meats

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are:   

  • As the intake of refined oils, fats, red meats, etc. are limited in this type of diet, it helps to prevent heart diseases and stroke.
  • The nutrients included in the diet plan reduce your risk of developing muscle weakness and other signs of getting old.
  • It may improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, thus improving overall blood vessel health. 
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

HMR Diet 

The health management resources program is a quick weight loss program that is highly popular in the US. The program aims to learn healthy lifestyle strategies, increase physical activities, etc. Recently, the US news named this diet as a “Best fast weight loss diet”. The total program includes two phases. They are:

Phase One 

Follow the below-given steps in your home to start the first phase of the HMR diet.

  • They provide you a quick start diet kit. The kit contains the foods you need for the first three weeks except for fruits and vegetables.
  • Food will be delivered to your home every two weeks. It helps you to ensure that you never run out of the food.
  • You will start to learn healthy lifestyle strategies.

Phase two

The second phase generally focuses on lifestyle changes. Weekly telephone coaching given by dietitians and physiologists provides support and encouragement. This phase is considered as the transition phase and lasts for four to eight weeks. It helps you to build a healthy eating habit for long term weight maintenance. 

Losing weight is simpler if you limit your food decisions. Doing exercises and workouts are also good for your health and to reduce extra pounds. But it’s much more important to control your diet from the kitchen. Mediterranean diet and the HMR diet are the most recommended weight loss program in the US. These two nutritional diets are very effective too.