Herpesyl Reviews: Is It Half As Good As Advertised?

Are you someone suffering from undying itching and excruciating pain caused by the herpes virus? Do you have white blisters or red bumps on your face and other body parts? Are you also having unusual tiredness and fatigue?

Then, you have reached the right page. Keep reading this Herpesyl review to find out how this supplement works to treat herpes and deliver other health benefits.

So, let’s begin.



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Product NameHerpesyl
CategoryDietary supplement
Main BenefitsThe formula prevents cold sore outbreaks and eliminates herpes virus
Ingredients100% All natural
Administration Route Oral
Dosage InstructionTake 2 Herpesyl capsules daily with a sufficient amount of water (Check the product label for further instructions)
Duration for Desired ResultUse it consistently for 30-60 days to experience optimal results
Alcohol WarningNo restrictions
Capsules Per Bottle60 Capsules (30 Days Serving)
Side EffectsNo visible side effects reported
Price$44 (Check Latest Price)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here


What is Herpesyl?

Herpesyl is a 100% natural dietary supplement formulated from a potent blend of natural ingredients that help tackle red bumps and tiny white blisters thereby eliminating herpes. The supplement is considered safe and highly effective as it contains powerful ingredients that work organically to fight the root cause of herpes outbreaks. The ingredients used are also backed by clinical studies published in reputed research journals and databases like the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, and the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine. According to the manufacturers, the supplement works for all people regardless of age, gender, or body type.

Herpesyl is also made in an FDA-approved laboratory in the United States using the latest technology and equipment to ensure the highest standards. The manufacturer assures that the supplement contains only the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from trusted sources and locations such as Africa, Asia, Northern Europe and Brazilian Amazon. Each bottle will give you 30 servings or a month’s supply of this organic and safe dietary supplement.

How Does Herpesyl Work?

Herpesyl works by targeting the newly discovered root cause of herpes outbreak. According to research studies carried out by great universities and research centers, this root cause is the herpes virus getting into the bloodstream and using the protein named ICP 47 to shield itself from body immune attack.

The science is straightforward, but the true challenge is destroying the herpes virus in a healthy and safe manner. The Herpesyl formula works by providing the right combination of natural ingredients that filters out the herpes virus and prevents them from using the ICP 47 protein as protection. Regular intake of the Herpesyl supplement will also aid in boosting immunity, fighting cognitive decline, and cleansing the nerve cells. The ingredients in the formula also come with a slew of other health benefits and work in synergy to help to enhance your overall well-being and improve the quality of your life.

Benefits of the Herpesyl

An ideal thing you can do before buying a natural supplement, or any supplement is to think about the benefits it can provide and assess them against the investment you'll have to make. Comparing it to similar supplements on the market can also assist you in making an informed decision.

Some of the benefits of the Herpesyl formula are listed here:

  • Prevents cold sore outbreaks and kills the herpes virus permanently
  • Cleanses the nerve cells and the brain
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights cognitive decline
  • Increases energy levels
  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties
  • 100% natural and top-quality ingredients sourced from 3 different continents
  • Easy to swallow, non-GMO, stimulant-free, veggie capsules
  • Made in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility in the United States
  • A 60-day 100% hassle-free, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

Ingredients Used in the Herpesyl


Turmeric, scientifically termed Curcuma longa, is a perennial flowering plant native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that aid in flushing out viruses like herpes from the brain.

Graviola Leaf

Graviola, also known as soursop is a flowering evergreen tree native to the tropical regions of the Americas and the Caribbean. Its leaves have antioxidant and antiviral properties. Studies suggest that Graviola leaves cleanse the brain cells and fight the herpes virus.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake, scientifically known as Lentinula edodes, is an edible mushroom native to East Asia. This mushroom helps boost the immune system and also has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. So, it fights the herpes viruses and eliminates herpes.


Arctium, commonly known as burdock, is a biennial plant native to Europe and Asia. Burdock roots are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that nourish the brain and help fight the herpes virus. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also boosts the immune system thereby keeping the body fit.

Red raspberry

Raspberry or red raspberry is a red-fruited plant native to Europe and Northern Asia. Raspberry fruits are rich in antioxidant compounds like vitamin C, quercetin, and ellagic acid that protect the cells against damage and fight the herpes virus.

How long will it take to see the result, and how long would the results stay?

According to my research, most users will experience relief from undying itching and excruciating pain within a few weeks of incorporating Herpesyl into their routine. However, as no two situations are alike, I believe that the actual visible change in your body will take longer, depending on the severity of the illness.

If my estimations are accurate, Herpesyl may take at least two to three months to provide impressive results. This is in line with the average timeframe necessary for most of the effective natural supplements I've tested over the years. That's because the natural ingredients in these supplements have to function on the body organically and in a healthy way for long-term relief, as opposed to prescriptions that work quickly but have horrible side effects and can even put your life in jeopardy.

Nonetheless, you can be assured that you'll get results because you're covered by a 60-day, hassle-free and no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee if it doesn't..

As far as I'm aware, this is one of the greatest refund policies in the industry. In terms of the longevity of the results, the longer you take the dietary supplement, the longer the effects appear to last. Abstaining from unhealthy habits along with daily intake of the supplement will also help the results last longer.

Herpesyl Side effects, Dosage & How to use it?

As far as I can tell based on my research, there are no noticeable adverse effects associated with the Herpesyl dietary supplement. In fact, I couldn't discover any Herpesyl customer responses on the internet or off that mentioned side effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as individuals with serious medical issues, should seek medical advice before taking the dietary supplement.

The Herpesyl dietary supplement comes in easy-to-swallow capsule form with 60 capsules in each bottle which is enough for a month's worth of use. 2 capsules per day with a large glass of water is the manufacturer recommended dosage. For optimum results, the supplement should be taken every day, without fail, for at least three to six months.

It is recommended to stick to the instructions on the bottle and avoid overdosing, as the supplement contains exact amounts of ingredients that are safe and healthy for human consumption. You could, however, take the supplement as prescribed by a registered and certified healthcare expert.

Is Herpesyl Better Than Its Competitors?

If you’re smart, ( and if you’re reading this, you are smart ) you’ve been doing your dietary supplement homework and you’ve probably figured out that just because a brand is really popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good or even mediocre. It only means that the company that owns it has spent MILLIONS on celebrity endorsements and high-cost magazines & internet ads.

Is it Affordable and Available?

Yes, the Herpesyl formula is available at a much cheaper rate as compared to other dietary supplements released on the market. Also, the manufacturer offers limited period discounts due to the supplement’s high demand. However, this discount offer and other added benefits are only available on the official Herpesyl website and until the stocks run out.

The following are the limited-time discount offers that are currently active:

You can check the availability below before ordering the supplement

My Verdict

If you are struggling with cold sore outbreaks, excruciating pain, and itching, then Herpesyl might be the ideal solution that you are on the lookout for. Herpesyl could also aid in boosting immunity and cleansing the brain thereby regulating cellular signaling.

Many people have been able to overcome white blisters or red bumps and constant itching after consuming the Herpesyl formula. As I have already stated in this Herpesyl review, this dietary supplement seems to be highly effective, as it consists of potent natural ingredients like Graviola leaf, shitake, burdock, red raspberry, and turmeric, which target the root cause of herpes outbreak. All the other ingredients used in the formula have also been clinically tested and verified to be safe and are reported to have no adverse effects.

Also, you are backed by a 60-day, hassle-free, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. So, in case you do not experience desired results, you can opt for a full refund within 2 months of purchasing the Herpesyl formula. Thus, your investment seems to be risk-free. So, the supplement is surely worth a try.