Top 10 Consumer Recommended eBooks For Home Improvement!

All living beings such as animals, birds, humans need a place to live. House is a place in which we live. Regular home improvement and renovations make your life within the home more favorable.

Consumer Recommended eBooks For Home Improvement!

Home improvement is usually done by professional contractors, handymen, and even by the house owner itself.

Home improvement

Does This Improve The Total Look Of The House?

It can be made with the idea to improve the total look of the house by changing the features and fixing things in and around the house. In this online world, ebook serves many important purposes with different perspectives. This article highlights the top 10 Consumer Recommended eBooks for Home Improvement.

About Home Improvement Guide

The very best home improvement guide is a perfect ebook to organize home improvement projects written by Alex Lluch. It contains two great products in one. This kindle edition includes more than 100 pages of home improvement information tips to get started and more than 100 easy to use worksheets that help to document the home maintenance projects. The author of this guide, Alex Lluch has sold 2 million books and The very best home improvement guide is one of the best home improvement ebooks.

The Home Improvement Triangle

The home improvement triangle by Peter Cooke provides basic information about home improvement and maintenance to the readers. Actually, the home improvement triangle is a concept of replacing and remodeling your home starting from the basics. Strong roof, protective siding, and durable windows are the three most important things considered while maintaining a home. These three things act as three edges of a triangle.

Finished Basement – Your Basement Deserves More

Finished basement – your basement deserves more is a guide to improve your finished basement design framed by Andrew Davies. This NOOK book includes each and every step regarding the basements of your home. In the first section, the author guides you to plan about a finished basement and helps you to improve the finished basement design. He also reveals to you how this basement plan adds value to your home and about the rewards of having finished basement design. 

Home Improvement: Six Steps To Saving Money Before Taking The Big Plunge

Home improvement: six steps to saving money before taking the big plunge is an ebook that is available on all compatible NOOK devices and in free NOOK apps. If you are a person thinking of adding on or renovating your home, this NOOK will be a perfect guide for you. The book contains six chapters which give details about three-day projects as well as large, and a section with dozens of free or low-cost design features. The six chapters included in the book are:

  • Why asking for 30% off – and getting it – means you are still being overcharged
  • Five little known truths about contractors
  • Renovate, add on, or move?
  • Being your own general contractor
  • The building inspector
  • Buying components yourself

Home Improvement Tips And Tricks: Hands-On Projects And Decorating Ideas On A Budget 

Home improvement tips and tricks: hands-on project and decorating ideas on a budget by Christina Salway is a NOOK guide that values $11.99. This ebook aims to give you the tips and tricks to decorate your home while staying within your budget. The author also provided a list of tools and materials needed along with step by step instructions. This helps you to turn any space into a unique home that you love. 

Around The House And In The Garden: A Memoir Of Heartbreak, Healing, And Home Improvement

Around the house and in the garden: a memoir of heartbreak, healing, and home improvement by Dominique Browning is a guide that reveals the importance each and every place of your home, from bedrooms, bathrooms to gardens and trees. The price of the Kindle edition is $11.99. It shows the intimate relationship between home and self. Browning illustrates the ways her domestic needs, instincts, and arrangements have reflected, major changes in her family life. 

Budget Home Decorating Tips

Budget home decorating tips is a guide that helps you to decorate your home within your budget. It’s a great challenge for everyone. The ebook provides great ideas and tips for decorating your rooms without going over budget. The book includes 9 chapters. They are:

  • A few decorating budget tips to get you started
  • How to decorate a living room on a budget
  • Ways to decorate a dining room when your budget is tight
  • Some ways to decorate your kitchen on a budget
  • A few helpful tips for redecorating your bathroom when on your budget
  • Some tips on redecorating the master bedroom when finances are tight
  • How to decorate the nursery when your budget is small
  • A few ways for decorating a child’s bedroom when on budget
  • How to decorate a teenager’s room when you have budget constraints  

My Home, My Money Pit: Your Guide To Every Home Improvement Adventure

My home, my money pit: your guide to every home improvement adventure framed by Tom Kraeutler gives clear advice on home renovations and buildings. The book contains sections filled with every aspect of your home including flooring, decorating, etc. The book also reviews the best cleaning methods too.

Create Your Dream House And Garden: Brilliant Ideas For Big Home Improvements

Create your dream house and garden by Mark Hillsdon advice you tips to improve your house and surroundings. This guide is a package of simple and effective advice to create your dream house and garden, so you can feel truly at home. 

Guide To Home Improvement Costs

If you are planning to extend your home or making any renovations, then “Guide to home improvement costs” by Bryan Spain is a perfect guide for you. The price of the Kindle edition is $30.99. The book also reviews all the important aspects like can you do it your own and how long is going to take.      

Home improvement provides various benefits to you and your home. Indeed, home improvement is also considered as an opportunity to improve the comfort and safety of the place you live in. The above-noted books will be perfect guides for you if you are planning any improvements in your home. Utilize these right pieces of information and let us know your feedback. We would like to hear from you.